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Articles from the
June 2010
issue of:

June 2010

Ed Hastry is an unlikely-looking knight in shining armor. He won’t be wielding a broadside and it’s for sure, he won’t ride in on a trusty steed. But he is our champion, nonetheless! After founding a non-profit association for timeshare o ...
by Sharon Scott, RRP
In a previous article we discussed the pitfalls of hiring a professional reserve study provider to conduct a reserve study for a homeowner’s association or timeshare/resort property. This month we will examine some of the issues which sho ...
by Carson M. Horton, RS
“When I grow up I’m going to be either a singer or an accountant,” said the twelve-year-old to her teacher. One look at her serious little face was enough to confirm that this was, indeed, her resolve. Lots of kids imagine becoming a sing ...
by Sharon Scott, RRP
Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself as you move into using social media. It’s a new world. No one has all the answers. You’re on a journey of self-discovery. I’m a guide. First some review. Catch Up from Last Mo ...
by Marc Saxe
For the 10th consecutive year, Ragatz Associates, Eugene, Oregon, led by globally renowned guru Dr. Richard Ragatz, CRP, recently held its fractional conference in San Francisco. Attended by a broad spectrum of industry leaders and potent ...
by Alan N. Schlaifer
There was a great deal of prideful celebrating going on in New Orleans as the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.) reached a significant milestone in its 25-year history by welcoming members to its 50th semi-annual conf ...
by Marge Lennon
I want to begin this series of the Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Audit (SMEA) with some actual and quantifiable SMEA statements that were produced from our most recent SMEA during March of this year. These audits really work!! Our SME ...
by Jamie Klein

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