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Articles from the
July 2010
issue of:

July 2010 marketing (well, maybe not that cheap) Have you heard enough about social media, already? Are you getting sick of being told how important it is? That may be so; but, the reason you’re hearing so much about it is because it tr ...
by Sharon Scott, RRP
I hope you have been able to follow the series of Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Audit’s so far; in this article we will focus on project performance and the vital statics that need to be tracked on to insure sales and marketing perfor ...
by Jamie Klein
Evans was a second year law student when she showed up to be interviewed by Harry McCoy for a summer associate’s position in 1998. She signed on not only for a summer internship for two years, but has practiced for the firm as an attorney ...
by Sharon Scott, RRP
I was fortunate to observe “Disney’s Approach to Brand Loyalty” program offered through the Disney Institute. Although none of the participants were from the timeshare industry, I was eager to learn what Disney does to make it so success ...
by Lisa Ann Schreier
Major environmental issues now in the news are having significant impacts on travel and tourism. The BP crude oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is already affecting business in nearby areas. It is also raising concerns of resorts and oth ...
by Alan N. Schlaifer
While attending the New England ARDA conference in Providence, Rhode Island on June 7th and 8th, I had the opportunity to sit with Ken McKelvey, RRP, CPA for a discussion about the Model Resale ACT that ARDA is working on and the current ...
by Freda Stemick
It finally appears that the economy is rebounding and, assuming that the prior recession doesn’t go through a “second bounce”-the market for timesharing should recover. However, the recovery might not be coming from the same place as befo ...
by Dennis Serpone

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