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Articles from the
December 2010
issue of:

December 2010

My “pet rant” recently (and a gigantic wart on the industry these days) is the ominous threat of timeshare relief companies, also referred to as “transfer,” “rescue” or “postcard” companies. There is growing traffic in illicit timeshare r ...
by Sharon Scott, RRP
“A man should look for what is, and not what he thinks should be.” – Albert Einstein If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing. Sound familiar? This adage is often repeated, yet seldom adhered. While it’s no secret that one o ...
by Josh Lewis
John Sweeney, RRP, one of the early pioneers of the timeshare industry and founder of Global Resorts Inc., passed away on August 3, 2010, in Las Vegas after a long and courageous battle with cancer. He was 77. Deeply proud of his Iris ...
From the unlikely background of Broadway and Manhattan’s theater scene, Pamela Gould fled to the more peaceful setting of Orlando as it was 20 years ago. Her New York theater management career included working for a time in Hal Prince’s o ...
by Sharon Scott, RRP
In my positions of timeshare developer, project director and sales manager, and with over 30 years as a timeshare owner, I have personally seen and experienced many aspects of timesharing. My direct involvement with thousands of timeshare ...
by Scott Riddle
Our nation and the shared ownership industry face many challenges. Below are discussions of several key areas, such as America’s fiscal and economic situation now and what may occur in the next decade, plus timeshare legal and marketing c ...
by Alan N. Schlaifer
In recent years, the shared ownership industry has undergone major changes as the economy has created challenges. In prior issues, we have highlighted how developers have taken steps to do more with less. One example has been more eff ...
by Alan N. Schlaifer
Occasionally the lead timeshare story in the mainstream news is about a sports team timesharing a position between two athletes, but most often when you read about timeshares, it is yet another state’s attorney general coming down hard on ...
by Jason Tremblay

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