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Articles from the
April 2010
issue of:

April 2010

While there is still a lot of hesitancy among consumers to make a big purchase right now, particularly a ‘non-essential’ purchase such as a vacation ownership or timeshare interest, there is once again a note of optimism in our sector the ...
by Sharon Scott, RRP
In today’s business and economic climate consumers’ are relying on technology as their primary tool in making a buying decision. Instantaneous access to an array of information means buyers can quickly self-educate and autonomously dictat ...
by Dan Bruder
When she was a high school student in Carlisle, Ohio (Small Town, USA), Suzzi Albrycht knew when she was called into her guidance counselors’ office on a regular basis, it wasn’t to work on her curricula. She was their go-to person they c ...
by Sharon Scott, RRP
When it comes to the subject of reserve studies most people are at a complete loss. Unless you have lived in a condominium or you happen to work in the community management field, it is quite likely you have never heard of a reserve study ...
by Carson M. Horton, RS
Pessimists – Complain about the market. Optimists – Expect the market to change for the better Leaders – Review their situation, plot a new course, trim their sails and continue to win through new proactive leadership In my 30 years ...
by Jamie Klein
Last month you got the message that “You’re in the Media Business”, like it or not. That is, you’re either contributing to, or are the subject of, messaging 24/7/365 worldwide on the web. It takes content to be a contributor. There ar ...
by Marc Saxe
As mentioned in my previous article in the March 2010 edition of The Trades, I have been both a timeshare owner/user and in the timeshare sales/marketing/resale’s industry for 29 years. I also serve on the Board of Directors of my timesh ...
by Scott Riddle
Maybe you can picture yourself in this situation, especially if you’ve ever had an especially rocky flight or other life-threatening moment. Imagine this as your flight into reality, not fantasy; this is based on a true story: The pilo ...
by Alan N. Schlaifer

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