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Articles from the
March/April 2006
issue of:

March/April 2006

I want to tell you a story about a recent trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I travel a lot and sometimes for fun, my luggage and I have a competition to see which one of us makes it to the destination first. We had a quick connection in Chi ...
by Greg Smith
It goes without saying that effective sanitation at your resort is a must. Your guests expect it, and will be happy with nothing less than the best. But in addition to exceeding the expectations of your guests, good sanitation can also ...
by Ron Harrison
Every facility, whether a resort, hotel, amusement park, cruise ship or just a public building knows that their guests demand a clean, litter-free environment in which to visit, eat, relax, work and play – but cleanliness can be costly. ...
by Ms. Marti Frost
Welcome to the continuing dialog in support of a third party agency for collections. While this issue focuses on the Resort Home Owners Association, new readers can obtain previous articles from the Resort Trades’ Management & Operations ...
by Linda George
As in any other relationship, the key to success in business relationships is good communication. To ensure the optimum outcome when working with a management company, and even your general managers, you must communicate what your expecta ...
by Jed C. Heller
Shell Hospitality, Inc. recently named the winner of its annual competition for the top management team within the company. The Legacy Golf Resort, of Phoenix, Arizona, under the leadership of Michele A. Caminidi, General Manager, was aw ...
by Marge Lennon
We recently received a call from a long-time client. They had taken over management of a very high-end project. The HOA had contracted with a construction company to replace several water- and termite-damaged wood windows in the large, tw ...
by Brian J. Giguere AIA CSI
Your market has changed more in the last five years than it had in the previous twenty, at the very least your clients have. They are more savvy, more experienced, more educated and more callous than generations past and this trend will o ...
by George Melton

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