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Articles from the
January 2014
issue of:

January 2014

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Hollywood Beach Tower in Hollywood, FL was originally a college dormitory, built in the late 1960s and converted to a timeshare resort in 1981. The rooms had not received a total renovation since the conversion in 1981, and the mirrored w ...
by Hatton Gravely
All of us in the hospitality industry understand how important it is to help travelers create unforgettable vacation memories. One way to achieve that is to keep timeshare properties and vacation resorts in top-notch condition, visually a ...
by Georgi Bohrod
What is a travel club? Once a small portion of the vacation industry, travel clubs have grown in size, numbers, offerings and popularity over the years. Many travel clubs started out as a way for travelers to have access to flexible an ...
by Tommy Middough
Partnering with a vacation exchange brand is an important business decision for any thriving vacation ownership developer. Vacation exchange adds a new dimension to timeshare for your owners, allowing them to swap their ownership at your ...
by Catherine Reynolds
With the recent release of the “Shared Vacation Ownership: Resale Study” by the American Resort Development Association International Foundation , new questions are surfacing about timeshare values on the secondary market. Dealing with th ...
by Jason Tremblay
You probably heard it: the collective sigh of relief across the nation as Congress voted, late on the evening of October 16, to raise the nation’s $16.7 trillion debt limit and send the federal government back to work. The temporary actio ...
by Linda J. Parker
It is that time of year that your capital improvement budgets are underway and, hopefully come January 2014, you will be funded for those much needed FFE improvements. Here is the good news - Your resort has a beautiful, functional design ...
by Margit Whitlock, AIA
2014 is here, and the Obama Administration’s signature accomplishment – the health care reform initiative known as the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010” (the Affordable Care Act, or “ACA”) – was supposed to be fully o ...
by John J. McGowan, Jr.
The broad mandate for equal access by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), allows it to affect every aspect of our society. Museums, daycare centers, libraries, parks, hotels, restaurants, theaters and retail stores; are all conside ...
by Clara Rose
Every first time salesman in our industry knows the importance of performing a Visa-ectomy: If you don’t get your clients’ money, and the easiest way to get it is with a credit card, then you don’t get paid. Whether your company is in the ...
by Bill Bailey

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